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Suregrip Invader DA45 
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Suregrip Invader DA45

Sure-Grip Invader DA45 Plate ;
The invader plate was designed as a less expensive alternative to the Cyclone and Cyclone NTS.  45 degree single action gives this plate excellent edge control while still offering great stability. 

Cast aluminum plate offers superior strength yet still being affordable.  This plate comes with the all new DA45 truck configuration offering superior control and feel. 

* Plate cast aluminum, DA45 version is black
* Trucks cast aluminum DA45 truck with adjustable pivot pin
* Hanger integrated into plate
* Axles 7mm or 8mm steel only
* Cushions standard single action urethane
* Kingpin steel
* Jump brace yes
* Toe stop off set and adjustable
Recommended use: Figure skating or speed skating

No one can offer anything close to the performance of this plate.

Price (each): AUD$150.00

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