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  • Heelys | Straight Up | Fabric

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    Part of the Heelys Fashion Elite series that combines a vulcanized look with the latest in fashion materials.

    Heelys roller shoes have a roller skate wheel in the heel so you can inline skate just by shifting your weight.

    Heelys roller shoes have heel plugs so you can remove the wheel and walk normally in places where it is too dangerous or prohibited to skate. 

    Heelys skates are not kid roller shoes, Heelys shoes are great for all ages.

    We recommend Bladeworx Protective Tri-pack (including Wrist-guards, Elbow-guards and Knee-guards in one Package!) for starters as young kids tend to push for speed and are likely to fall backward without proper training and supervision.


    Heelys | Straight Up | Fabric

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