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  • Bont Hybrid/Pilot F16 Falcon | Roller Skates

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    Bont Hybrid / Pilot F16 Falcon Package

    One of the best combinations on the market! Widely used by Championship WFTDA skaters, this package is lightweight, strong, manouverable and more comfortable than your favourite slippers. Combining the style and performance of the Bont Hybrid Carbon boot with precision and weight of the F16 Falcon Plus plate, all connected to the floor by Atoms Juke 2.0 wheels and Bionic Swiss bearings. Fully heat moldable for a precision fit for any shaped foot. 

    Perfect for the derby skater looking to take their game to the next level, or for anyone who is looking for perfection on four wheels.

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    Bont Hybrid/Pilot F16 Falcon | Roller Skates

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