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The Bauer Vapor APX 2 Hockey Stick is the flagship model in the Bauer Vapor Stick Line. This APX 2 turns back the clock to offer a completely redesigned blade that has a similar construction and feel to the classic X60 stick, and is much improved from the previous APX blade. Setting this stick above the rest, the APX2 utilizes unique features such as the TeXtreme Carbon Fiber, Monocomp construction and eLAStech Technology.

Vapor's signature flex profile is known as the Intelli-Sense Technology. This changing dual kick point system gives players the optimal kick point based on the type of shot they are taking and where their lower hand is located. For quick wrist and snap shots, the APX 2 provides a lightning quick shot release. For big slap shots and one timers, the softened upper handle (where the upper hand is placed) will create a secondary kick point so that the stick can be "bowed" out and really loaded up, resulting in a powerful shot.

The significant change from the previous APX stick to this APX 2 is the complete redesign in the blade. Bauer really focused their research on improving this portion of the stick and it truly shows. The Bauer APX2 stick features the all-new Aero-Sense Blade Core that will have a much more similar feel to the classic X60 rather than the APX. This new single-density blade core is made of a high-grade foam that vastly improves puck feel and puck reception. There is an additional "Sense" layer that wraps the entire blade which also boosts puck feel and puck reception while helping to prevent chipping, cracking and premature blade breakdown.

The outstanding carry-over features from the APX include the eLASTech Technology, TeXtreme Carbon System and the Monocomp Construction process. The eLASTech Technology reinforces the TeXtreme carbon fibers with micro nanotubes, helping to prevent cracks from slashes growing as well as extending the pop life of the stick. The Monocomp Construction process is one of the best in the industry, providing an extremely consistent feel and feel from top to bottom.

  • Heritage: Vapor APX
  • Level of Play Guideline: Elite
  • Construction: True One-Piece
  • Shaft Dimensions: Rounded Corners / Double Concave Sidewalls
  • Flex Point: Low kick
  • Weight: 404 grams (based on a P92 curve, 87 flex)