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Bladeworx Roller Skates Bont Quadstar Roller Skates

Bont Quadstar Roller Skates

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High End Low Spend!

Introducing the new Bont Quadstar Skate. This new skate breaks the mold of what materials an entry level skate should be made from and it takes performance beyond most brands high end boots. The Quadstar is designed to be better than our competitor€€s high end skates, at a fraction of the price.

The Quadstar boot is made with thermoplastic in the heel. This is especially good for skaters with skinny or wide ankles as it allows you to mold your boot with a hairdryer to obtain a custom fit in under 10 minutes.

Premium Features and Materials

The boot is made with 100% Genuine Australian leather which is tough enough to take whatever you can dish out. The boot features an adjustable Velcro top closure to hold your foot tight and a rear heel loop to put your laces through.

Wheels and Bearings

You can choose from two awesome wheels. The Ballistic wheel with 608 bearings or upgrade to the FX1 wheel with 688 mini bearings to create a lighter setup. Both wheels are made with premium high rebounding urethane. The bearings come ready to use with light racing oil inside. There is no need to clean the grease out, they are ready to roll. 

Boot Shape

Most skates on the market use a dress shoe shape for their boots. While aesthetically pleasing, a purpose built derby last as used by the Quadstar boot offers higher performance and a better fit because it is actually shaped like your actual foot shape.

Ignite Plate

The Ignite plate is now fiberglass reinforced so it can take even more of a beating. It is very light weight and has a 20 degree action with high end cushions.