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Luigino Barefoot Booties

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Don't like to wear socks when skating? Neither do the pros! Luigino's new 'Barefoot Booties' are made from a 2mm thick neoprene. They will prolong the life of your boots while still allowing you the feeling of being at one with your skates.

Features Include:

*Neoprene outer with a soft absorbing inner
*2mm allows a more snug fitting boot- popular with skaters whose boots have stretched over time
*Excellent sock replacement if you want to skate barefoot
*Improved comfort
*Reduced blisters, if not eliminated completely!
*Easier break-in on new boots
*Better longevity of your boots (vs. using barefoot)- less sweat and friction on the lining

Barefoot Booties also offer amazing blister protection and can be used to assist with making loose skates fit better.

Shorten the break-in on new boots and lessen the chance of blisters and corns. Available in 5 sizes to suit your feet perfectly!