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RAZORS Cult Cream

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The original Cream Razors were released almost twenty years ago, and this reissue gives a quiet nod to the classic style and feature set, which made the Cream such an icon. But while the familiar Razors boot shell has stuck to its fundamentals, the inner UFS soul now creates a comfier, and more engulfing fit, allowing you to take full advantage of the GC FLT3 frame, and it's outstanding precision. Sit tight within your boot, knowing that the latest Razors 'Buckle Stash' cuff will hold your ankle secure, but still afford the flexibility and movement you need to nail that perfect landing.

The UFS mounts for sizes 10 to 13 have also been rejigged, allowing the wheels and centre groove to sit right where they should.


  • Black Cult Shell with Cream Highlights
  • Replaceable Soul Frame & Backslide Plates
  • Replaceable Cuff with 'Buckle Stash'
  • GC FLT3 Frames & 57mm/92A Razors Wheels
  • Razors Liner

Just like the original, the Razors Cream is a fantastic option for new, or advanced skaters, who want top-notch performance that won't cost a fortune.