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Reckless Evader XE Peach 93a Wheels - Bladeworx

Reckless Evader XE Peach 93a Wheels

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Green Monster Reckless XE Evader: 59mm x 38mm wide

Hardness: Peach-93a

Come as a 4pk

Up your agility with the Evader 59 mm wheel. The Reckless XE line adds a new durometer to the range of options, 91A. This new formula of Reckless wheels is a definite upgrade featuring even better grip, stronger cores, better durability and fancy new colors. As always, the 59 mm Evader XE gives a skater the ability to start and stop quicker, with greater lateral movement and agility than with standard sized wheels. The smaller profile also gives you a lower ðð_center of gravityðð_, which improves stability. The 62 mm Ikon will allow for more roll, but still allows the skater the agility and lateral movement they are looking for in a wheel.