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Bladeworx Roller Skate Plate 6 - boot size 8-8.5 Sure-Grip Probe NTS Plates

Sure-Grip Probe NTS Plates

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Probe NTS Aluminium Plate (NTS means NO TOE STOP)

The Probe NTS aluminum is a strong yet lightweight aluminum plate with 10 degree double action trucks.  Plate was designed with the Century NTS in mind as well as the original probe but a more cost effective approach.  Comes in NTS form only and no color options.

Plate _ Aluminum / Nylon
Trucks _ Cast aluminum, standard Super X double action truck
Hanger _ Integrated, inverted king pin
Axles _ 8mm steel
Cushions _ Standard urethane or 4 types of super urethane
Kingpin _ Steel
Jump brace _ N/A
Toe stop _ N/A