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Bladeworx protective S TSG Roller Derby Knee Pad
Bladeworx protective TSG Roller Derby Knee Pad

TSG Roller Derby Knee Pad

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Kneepad Roller Derby performance combined with an extra layer of visco elastic VEP foam for 40% higher impact absorption performance.

Specially designed for roller derby ladies, this kneepad custom fits to any female body shape for great fit and comfort. With a Neopren V-cut back it gives flexibility for any thigh size.
Strong as a skate vert pad but super flexible for any kind of movement.
The multi layer EVA impact pad comes in a slip free horseshoe shape.
Other benefits:
Caps are strong and can be removed.
Flexible pre-Shaped construction
Fixed full coverage kneecap
Top roundabout and bottom velcro straps
Pull over design.