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Bladeworx protective Size 1 (20" - 21") Unequal HALO Headgear
Bladeworx protective Size 1 (20" - 21") Unequal HALO Headgear

Unequal HALO Headgear

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Unequal HALO Headgear. Perfect for figure skaters at all levels. This easy-to-fit headgear helps mitigate the risks of concussion and other head-related injuries.


You'll have more fun!

  • Reduces concussion risk by 56%*
  • VA Tech Rated Very Good
  • Play and compete with an edge over others
  • Great protection for falls, collisions and headers
  • Absorbs, disperses impact, reduces acceleration
  • Especially great during any kind of practice drill where the head is at repetitive risk
  • Greater resilience leads to more confidence
  • In soccer, does not alter ball rebound speed or direction


Looks just like a headband!

  • Looks like a headband but is so much more!
  • Patented, coated aramid fabric layered inside
  • Weighs less than 2oz and just 6mm thin
  • FIFA Law 4 compliant/ Tested to ASTM standard
  • Moisture wicking comfort for maximum breathability
  • 360 Degree impact protection
  • Nylon outer layer, Airilon® comfort foam
  • Snug, Stretchy fit
  • Medical Assurance Policy available