4 Incredible Roller Skating Health Advantages You (Probably) Knew Nothing About

When most folks think about staying healthy, they usually just focus on going on a diet or hitting the gym to lift insanely heavy weights. Well, it’s not much of a surprise because for as long as many of us can remember, our minds have been conditioned by several advertisement campaigns on TV, print media, and social media to view conventional exercise and dieting as the sure-fire way of staying healthy and keeping in shape. 

Of course, we can’t deny the fact that proper diet and regular exercises are pretty effective at maintaining a good shape and staying healthy, but keeping fit doesn’t have to be done in a solemn mood. You don’t have to look like the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders and that the only way to relieve that weight is by (ironically) lifting more weights at the gym. This probably explains why bodybuilders and fitness buffs usually wear a straight face at the gym - and give off scary vibes - almost all the time, even when they don’t mean to!

There are other interesting, more fun ways of keeping fit these days (yoga, dance aerobics, nature walks), but there is one sport — that many have overlooked— that has incredible health benefits. Roller skating!

Yes, you read that correctly. That sport you typically link to teenagers and young adults whiling away time down palm-lined boulevards in movies may help you get in shape right now. You'd be surprised at just how many health advantages there are in skating and rollerblading, waiting to be reaped. There’s also the added benefit of well-liked roller activities like speed skating, roller derby, and inline skating for amusement, being super entertaining as well!

Below are 4 reasons to start inline skating, rollerblading, or rollerskating to get in shape:

Roller Skating Is A Calorie Burner

It is common knowledge that to shed excess weight, you must use up more calories than you take in daily. In simpler terms, you have to always make sure that your body is in a “calorie deficit” state if you’re serious about losing weight. 

Although walking and jogging are excellent calorie burners and are common, let's be honest. Unless you’re Patrick Johnson or you’re preparing to run a marathon, they aren't exactly enjoyable ways to stay in shape. 

Alternatively, reducing your weight using roller skating is as simple as picking up your pair of roller skates from Bladeworx and taking a leisurely skate run down the block. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular. A sturdy pair of skates and a good, safe location to practice are all you need to start skating.

Skating is a terrific cardiovascular exercise, so regardless of where you skate (inside or outside), you'll still burn calories, especially if you do so often.


Roller Skating Gives You Better Muscle Definition

If you use roller skating to lose weight, you'll be able to tone up and increase the definition of your muscles while also burning calories. When you start roller skating, you'll find that your muscles get more defined every time you skate. This is because skating is so much more than just a cardio exercise. 

When you skate, you exercise your arms, stomach, and glutes as you propel yourself through the activity while maintaining balance. Your glutes are the muscles that get exercised the most anytime you skate, although if you finish a vigorous skating session, you’d feel the burn in a few other places on your body, no matter how fit you are or how long you’ve skated for in the past. 

The to and fro movement of your legs when you skate is sure to leave your thighs, quadricep muscles, and hamstrings (literally) burning and quivering when you’re done.

It will take a little longer if you're overweight to get sculpted muscles through rollerblading and skating, but the minute you're able to shed the excess weight, you'll notice that you look more toned and lithe.


You Are More Balanced, Agile, And Coordinated

While some people are born with an acute sense of balance, this is not the case for many others. The importance of having a good balance cannot be emphasized enough, because how you walk, and your ability to safely participate in certain sports and activities (like martial arts) depend on how well you’re able to balance yourself.

Good balance is crucial since it lowers how much energy you use for everyday tasks like walking or simply sitting, which can also help reduce how often you get tired. Skating is the ideal activity for improving balance since it forces you to engage your core muscles to stay upright.

Skating to keep fit requires you to get ahead of a small learning curve when compared to other forms of skating. However, your ability to balance, agility, control, and reflexes will improve as soon as you've gotten the technique pinned down!


Roller Skating Keeps Your Heart Healthy

The ability of your heart to function properly is crucial to living a longer, healthier life since cardiac disorders are becoming more prevalent every day. Cardiovascular disease (CVD), which encompasses cardiac arrests, strokes, and other cardiovascular disorders associated with them, is a fatal condition. According to The Heart Foundation, approximately 118 Australians die every day as a result of CVD (Cardiovascular Diseases), which is a startling number that is rising alarmingly as a result of the regular pressures we face in our daily lives.

Fitness skating works out the complete cardiovascular system, builds heart muscle, and increases blood flow because it is an endurance exercise. The average roller skater's heart rate will rise from 140 to 160 beats per minute while inline skating, roller skating, or rollerblading. If you're the adventurous type that loves playing a roller sport while wearing a pair of speed skates, inline hockey skates, or roller derby skates, you may significantly raise your heart rate to 180 beats per minute. Talk about athlete-style fitness levels while having fun!



Although roller skating can give you tremendous health benefits when practiced often, if you’re doing so without the right skates and rollerblades, you’d likely end up doing yourself more harm than good. That’s why you should always buy and use high-quality, durable skates from reputable retailers such as Bladeworx anytime you want to skate your way to fun and healthy living! Call us today!