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Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Senior Ice Hockey Skate

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 The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Skates were built with one goal in mind; to provide the most effective and efficient stride a Bauer skate can possibly produce. The 2S Pro accomplished this with a new Carbon Curv Composite boot, the Reflex Pro Tongue, the SpeedPlate 2.0 Custom Footbed and the Tuuk LS5 Carbon Runners.

  • 3D-Lasted Carbon Curv™ Composite
  • The lightest, most thermoformable Curv material Bauer has used to date
  • Anaformable upper allows the skate to heat mold better than traditional quarter packages for a true, 360 degree personalized fit regardless of foot shape


  • Proprietary manufacturing process of the one-piece quarter package that provides an anatomically-correct shape around the entire foot right out of the box
  • C-Flex Tendon Guard with Custom Stiffness Inserts
  • Designed to deliver the most uninhibited free range of motion for maximum power
  • Three customizable stiffness options: No insert (maximum flexibility), Mid insert (Slightly more flexibility than the MX3) and Stiff insert (More flexibility than most traditional tendon guards)
  • Reflex Pro Custom Lacing System
  • One-piece design reduces weight, increases durability and -allows for 33% more forward flex compared to traditional eyelets
  • T-shaped eyelets help lock down the lacing, ensuring they stay as tight as they were in the first period, in the third period
  • New additional secondary upper eyelets allow for custom lacing patterns
  • Skate Laces:
  • Bauer Supreme Unwaxed White Laces
  • Liner:
  • LockFit+ Pro Dual-Zone Grip Liner
  • HydraMax 2 upper provides premium comfort, moisture-management and durability
  • Pro Grip lower provides premium stability for maximum energy -transfer
  • Integrated anti-abrasion patches to reduce wear-and-tear=
  • Total Edge Comfort alleviates high ankle abrasions that can occur with a stiff boot and aggressive skating
  • Ankle Padding:
  • Lightweight, memory foam
  • Tongue Construction:
  • New Reflex Pro Tongue
  • 52oz, three-piece two-tone felt with composite and flex inserts
  • Composite inserts mold to the top of the foot for a 360-degree custom fit while providing 20% better impact protection than the 1S
  • Acting like a springboard, flex inserts compress and release energy for improved stride frequency
  • Asymmetrical design allows for better range of motion
  • Footbed:
  • SpeedPlate 2.0 Heat-moldable Footbed with Ortho-resin -Technology
  • The product of cutting-edge research and design that enhances balance, improves energy transfer and increases overall agility
  • Arch-area adapts to a player\'s specific arch shape for personalized support
  • Custom heel cup forms for better heel-lock and stability
  • Marries the outsole and SpeedPlate 2.0 together by eliminating negative space for better energy transfer
  • Centers a players weight strategically through the center of the skate for better balance
  • Can be re-molded many times in order to continually provide a changing foot shape optimal support
  • The top is lined with thicker medium-density foam and grip print
  • Outsole:
  • Ultra Lightweight and Vented Composite
  • Bauer\'s stiffest and lightest outsole available for pro-level energy transfer and feel
  • Vents allow hot air and moisture to escape out of the bottom of the boot
  • Blade Holder and Runner:
  • Tuuk LightSpeed Edge Holder
  • Most popular holder in the NHL due to the innovative trigger system that allows broken or damaged runners to be swapped out in seconds
  • The front and rear posts are 3mm taller than traditional holders, providing one of the most aggressive turning radius\' on the market.
  • Tuuk LightSpeed LS5 Carbon Edge Runners
  • Soft, premium grade inner core with a carbon-nitrate outer coating provides next-level edge bite and edge retention
  • Due to the increased bite, most players go down 1 hollow to get the same edge feel which simultaneously increases a player\'s glide
  • 10 ft. radius
  • 15mm exposed height
  • 3mm higher profile than standard steel allows for more custom profile options and extended sharpening life
  • Weight of a Size 9D skate: 810 grams