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Bladeworx figure skates White / 225 / B (Narrow) EDEA Ice Fly Figure Skate Boots Only
Bladeworx figure skates Black / 225 / B (Narrow) EDEA Ice Fly Figure Skate Boots Only

EDEA Ice Fly Figure Skate Boots Only

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EDEA Ice Fly Figure Skate Boots Only 

Experience Level: Advanced; Triple/Quad Jumps

The Edea 'Ice Fly' is the Lightest Skating Boot available and represents a turning point in skating and skate technology. The 'Ice Fly' is made with Revolutionary ultra-lightweight materials making it 25-45% lighter than tradition skating boots.

With Swarovski Stones accented across the body of the skate to stand out from the rest, the  Edea 'Ice Fly' is designed for high-performance ice skating and inline figure roller skating and is incredibly comfortable. You won't find many other recreational boots that have the instant comfort and support of the Edea 'Icy Fly', nor will you find such elegance!

The Edea 'Ice Fly' is one of the few Vegan boots on the market that doesn't lose the support or rigidity of a classic ice boot.

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