Bladeworx scooter Micro Mini2Go Deluxe
Bladeworx scooter Blue Micro Mini2Go Deluxe
Bladeworx scooter Micro Mini2Go Deluxe
Bladeworx scooter Micro Mini2Go Deluxe
Bladeworx scooter Red Micro Mini2Go Deluxe
Bladeworx scooter Mint Micro Mini2Go Deluxe
Bladeworx scooter Micro Mini2Go Deluxe
Bladeworx scooter Pink Micro Mini2Go Deluxe

Micro Mini 2 Go Deluxe Plus - WITH FREE MATCHING BELL!

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 For ages 1-5 years

  • Converts ride-on to scooter
  • New parents handlebar
  • Handy storage drawer
  • Stable and easy to ride

    Micro Mini2Go Scooter
    The award-winning Mini2Go Deluxe is the next step from the Mini2Go ride-on for kids. It features the much-requested parents handle, as well as the redesigned deck and new handlebar height so it can be used for longer.

    The funky and functional design combines original lean-to-steer action with a seat, height adjustable handlebar and removable drawer designed for carrying your toddler's favourite possessions.

    Once they are ready to stand, remove the seat and the Mini2Go Deluxe converts to a stand-on scooter with adjustable handlebar.

    Please note: There was a small light inside the storage compartment, which has been removed in order to comply with changes to Coin & Button Battery Regulations.
    Whether travelling by train or plane or taking a trip to the countryside, this mobility speedster has what it takes.
    In addition to its adaptability, the mini2go also has storage space for kids most precious possessions. As soon as the bits and bobs and snacks for a picnic in the country are packed, the child can simply sit on it and take off. Steering is achieved here through weight transfer, thus promoting kidsðð motor skills and sense of balance. The Mini2go can also be used without the drawer if this is not needed from time to time.
    The seat and drawer can be simply removed and the mini2go transformed into a conventional Mini Micro. The Mini2go handlebar can be height adjusted. This means that an optimum height can be configured for both 18-months-olds and older kids (up to around the age of 5).