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Riedell Blue Streak Boot

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Riedell Blue Streak Black Boot Only

The signature Blue Streak quad skate boots have been years in the making, tested by the best skaters in the sport of roller derby. Specifically designed to be durable, but with an easier break-in process than standard high-grain leather boots. Powered by performance features that allow a skater to progress with propelled functionality and overall prowess.


In the sport of Roller Derby, the boot nirvana is to have the skate be an extension of the leg. To make it feel like the boot is just part of your foot and is so light you donðððt even notice it is there. To achieve this, a very snug fit is called for, but who wants to lose their toenails or turn the skin on their feet to ribbons? The design of the Blue Streak has all the support and tried and true features of the original Riedell 595, with upgrades to ease the break in period and make the boot feel like a comfortable slipper, but with supreme durability.  This is old school for a whole new generation of derby.
These boots are a game changer, and Roller Derby will never be the same again!


Soft Kango-Tan black leather upper to ease break in period
Blue line midsole and full grain leather lining
Split last with narrow heel suited for a womanðððs foot
Simplest and easiest to repair heel snug strap                                         Fuzzy shearling tongue to reduce top-of-foot pressure and lace bite
Stitched and cemented leather outsoles                                                       Split toe for more room that also holds up to general vulnerability
Hand-made in U.S.A.                                     


Black: 1-13 Full & Half

Recommended use:

Derby, Speed