Bladeworx hockey sticks S21 Vapor X3.7 Grip Stick Senior

S21 Vapor X3.7 Grip Stick Senior

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The Bauer Vapor X3.7 Stick is a perfect fit for the competitive hockey player looking for a good performance and even better durability. With the high-end XE Elliptical Taper like the HyperLite, the X3.7 has one of the quickest and effortless shot releases at this price. Plus, Bauer even made it 12% more rugged than before so players will easily get their money's worth before they are ready for a new stick. Along with the XE Taper, the X3.7 stick boasts the HP Mold construction process that makes it feel and perform like a true one-piece. The 450 grams is deceiving because the excellent balance point makes it feel lighter than it actually is. The MaxBalance blade core also helps out by giving players a stiff and lively response needed for the quick release and dynamic plays.
Level of Play | Performance
Flex Profile | Low Kick
Weight | 450 grams (85 flex)
Heritage | Vapor X2.7 / X700 LITE / X700 / X700 / X80 / X4.0
Model Number | 1058488