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Bladeworx inline skate parts 130 Snow White Inline FIgure Skating Package
Snow White Inline FIgure Skating Frame Set

Snow White Inline FIgure Skating Frame Set

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Snow White Inline Figure Skating 

Snow White Artistic Inlines

A ground-breaking design for artistic inline figure skates. The three-wheel rockered design is the latest step in the evolution from clunky roller skates to an advanced tool for graceful movement on wheels. They are extremely lightweight and highly maneuverable. Inline figure skaters will love how the shorter frame length allows tighter turns and closer footwork.

With its bi-level mid-rib to reduce impact torsion and its versatile mounting platform, compatible with most of today’s figure skating boots & sets the new standard for inline figure frames. Snow White is the most widely used artistic inline plates in the roller skating world as well as becoming a commonly used training tool for Ice Skaters to train when not on the Ice!

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