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WIFA Champion Light Figure Skate Boot

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WIFA Champion Light Figure Skate Boot only

Originally developed for the young advanced skater who needed a lighter boot,we now find others who appreciate the shorter breaking-in time, the flexibility and the lighter weight (on average 300 gr lighter than the standard deluxe Champion). The special V-notch not only gives greater flexibility and shortens the breaking in period but also helps to protects the ankles.

It features a new breathable inner reinforcement, a soft shaft top of Napa-leather and a special V-notch that allows quick breaking in. We managed to develop a light leather boot that combines flexibility and stability with comfort.

Colours: Standard white/black
Uppers: leather with water resistant 
Lining: Microfaser, sweat resistant 
Soles: Hardened single sole
Specials: Special notch, tripletop, extra wide tongue, lightweight